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I'm David Bain
I turn Fuzzy ideas
into Clarity &
Digital Experiences.


In my experience, it is rare that things align with your initial assumptions, design is a journey of learning, observing and adapting accordingly.

There's no substitute for seeing actual users interacting with your work – it helps to quickly cure you of misaligned notions.

Discovering what truly works requires structured cycles of observation and adjustment, not debates and conjecture.

In the end, technology should prioritise people over pixels. After all, actually solving the problem is a really good look.

Let’s combine your team’s expertise with my superpowers to unlock something awesome.

Stuff I’ve done for Clients

Client Projects

Texas Business Law Section

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Insurance Industry MVP

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Compliance User Experience Project

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Shipping and Logistics User Experience Project

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Loads of stuff across many industries

I've applied my skills of user experience, business design, web design, software development/integration and technical training to help with the implementation of online payment platforms, websites, custom application and other platforms in the following industries:
- Manufacturing
- Creative Industries
- Legal
- Healthcare
- Government
- Compliance
- Shipping and Logistics
- Insurance
- Catering and Food
- Education, Exams and Testing

(more details to come. I really needed to launch this site. )

Need to know more?

If you need to know more about my capabilities or need me on a project now! Use the contact form.

My Own ProDucts and Services

My Own


A design and innovation agency that specializes in helping teams create new digital products. We focus on bringing order to the chaotic process of product development through UX & Digital Prototyping, Web Development and Training.
Visit Incrementic.com.


Renewsticker.com offers a vehicle registration renewal service in Jamaica. It's designed to handle renewing your vehicle's registration for you online, so you don't have to go to the tax office in person and wait in long lines.
Visit Renewsticker.com.


SembleHost provides Docassemble hosting, useful for lawyers who want document automation software. The service is designed to make it easy to get going with the hosting of a docassemble server.

Speaky Spokey

A physical card game.
Visit SpeakySpokeyGame.com.

Steady Drummer

A subscription-based Webflow development service for busy marketing and design teams. Add reliable Webflow talent to your team on an as-needed basis without hiring hassles or long-term contracts.
Visit Steadydrummer.com.

Alteroo (no longer a going concern)

My first company. We launched largely as a specialist in open source software. We became very fluent with Linux, Python, Zope and Plone. Through Alteroo, I got to work on interesting projects like setting up a Linux cluster for a manufacturing company. We also provided services to customers all over the world, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Israel, Barbados, The Bahamas and Jamaica.
Visit Alteroo.com.



Momentum Podcast (5 episodes)

Started in November 2023, Momentum is about conversations with makers to compare notes, and shine a spotlight on what they're doing as they build new products and experiences. This season focuses specifically on conversations with makers from the Webflow community.1

View the playlist below:

Make-err Podcast (1 episode and counting)

The Make-err podcast is a spin-off of the Momentum Podcast (in my mind, it is Momentum season 2). I was lucky to kick it off with Dan Mall. Until I release additional episodes, enjoy this one:

Asking better questions

A talk presented in 2020 about a systematic approach to learning, including effective strategies for asking questions, providing answers, and maintaining valuable notes for future reference.

Events and Other Things I've worked on


Fuel Dance Showcase

The site was used to launch the Fuel Dance Showcase, first held on May 4, 2024 at the Phillip Sherlock Centre, Kingston, Jamaica. I supported the technology for the in-person and online livestream ticketing systems.

Sunday Breeze - Birthday and Anniversary Tracker

Code for getting information from the Breeze CHMS on a Sunday morning. Primarily used to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries stored within Breeze.

Sunday Breeze on Github

Webcraft Conf

Last held in 2020, WebCraftConf was a technology conference, hosted in Kingston, Jamaica. It provided an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals working with web technologies, with talks and workshops focused on practical, actionable topics for software teams.

Visit the WebCraftConf website

ODT-Jinja Merge

Code, written in python to support the merging of text into OpenOffice-format documents. Haven't touched it for many years, but could be useful to someone.

view ODT-Jinja Merge on Github

YUP, I Teach people stuff


Design Tools

I mostly use Figma and Webflow nowadays. If you're interested in learning these tools, I run courses once or twice a year on these topics.
Visit 3hours.dbain.com for more details.

UX and Innovation Methodologies

I feel like I was tricked into learning user experience (UX). It was a necessary part of building digital projects.
It started with my fascination with the Design Sprint and business design. I now run workshops on business design tools such as the lean canvas, brainwriting, brainswarming and of course, Design Sprints.
If you want to conduct better meetings or you're interested in becoming more effective in rapidly testing new product/service ideas, improving team collaboration and creativity, understanding your users or adapting an innovative mindset within your organisation, I can help.
Visit 3hours.dbain.com for more details.


I got Red Hat Linux certified (RHCA) in 2014. That certification has expired but the knowledge hasn't. I maintain Debian and Ubuntu Linux servers for customers and my own projects. This experience has been really useful and makes the delivery of my Linux training especially practical. I've trained teams at organisations in many industries including: Banking, Aeronautics, Telecommunications, Engineering, Education, Manufacturing and Technology.

Web Development and Python

I occasionally run courses on web fundamentals including HTML, CSS and Javascript (I'm adding HTMX to the list, as I've started to use it more on side projects).
I mostly use Python frameworks such as Flask, FastAPI and Plone and teach workshops on these technologies.
Visit 3hours.dbain.com for more details.

For Designers, Developers, Product managers

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Blog posts


I write about processes, workflows, client interactions and technologies for professionals who design and build digital experiences. Of interest to digital agencies, product developers and consultants who want to improve how they do things.

Medium Articles (on tech, design, product development and entrepreneurship)

Various topics related to technology, product development, and entrepreneurship. It covers explorations into no-code app development, failing fast, logging design and experiences. In general, it is about hands-on learning, rapid prototyping, no-code development, design principles, and the process of launching new digital products/events quickly.

Read David Bain's medium articles

My Old Blogger Blog (cover lots of niche tech stuff)

This blog is where I mostly kept technical notes to self and things I was learning. Looking at the topics now, it is a good illustration of how, more than any other type of knowledge,  technical knowledge, rapidly becomes outdated over time.

Visit the blog.dbain.com

Methodologies & Tech

Tools and Tech

It's no longer enough to list the technologies I'm familiar with. Tools are more than just software and programming languages, there are tools that help you think, such as the lean canvas or the design sprint. For this reason, I prefer to use


This is a non-exhaustive list of technologies I work with and have worked with.

Webflow, Figma, Plone, Flask, FastAPI, Python, Javascript, Linux, Cloudflare, Netlify, 11ty, Hugo, React, Flutter, HTML, CSS, Flutterflow, Shell Scripting, Ecommerce, Softr, TeleportHQ, Airtable, Vim, Zed, VSCode, Canva, PHP

Thinking Tools

This is a non-exhaustive list of tools that help me think and organise my ideas.

Notion.so, Trello, Visily, The design sprint, the brand sprint, lean canvas, business model canvas, brainswarming, affinity mapping, value proposition canvas, Claude, ChatGPT, Gemini, DocAnalyse

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